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When a person is charged with a crime in Arizona and is arrested, his or her record, containing the date of the Arizona Arrest Records Free Search arrest and the crime he is being charged with, is accessible by any member of law enforcement, as well as the federal government. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is charged with maintaining the records, the records keeper, so to speak. This is where an individual who wishes to get a complete copy of his Arizona arrest records can go, if he or she wants an accurate record of his arrest history.

Firstly, if you want to acquire a copy of your arrest record, you will need a record review packet from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. By contacting the Criminal History Records section, you can get the necessary forms to get your requested arrest records. They will be asking for your name and address so they can mail you the record review packet.

The record review packet contains all the things you will need for you request, such as the contact information sheet and a blank fingerprint card, as well as the instructions and a pre-addressed return envelope. If you want to get your full Arizona arrest or police records, then this is how you go about it, without ever going to the agency?s office. Remember to carefully read the instructions before you fill out the forms. In the contact information sheet, you will have to provide your social security number, along with your full name and address.

When you are finished with the contact information sheet, you now need to produce a full set of your fingerprints on the blank fingerprint card for identification purposes. The Department of Public Safety requires a full set of fingerprints from all individuals who wish to get a copy of their Arizona arrest records; this is the standard procedure. You can request for assistance from your local police department for the fingerprinting process, or you can go to a private fingerprinting company.

When you are done with all the requirements, filled up all the appropriate forms and did fingerprinting process without a hitch, place all the forms, including the fingerprint card, into the pre-addressed return envelope and mail it. But you need to make sure that the fingerprint card is not damaged in any way. Make sure that it is not folded or crumpled; even a single crease can Arizona Arrest Records Quick Access hinder the processing in the Criminal History Records section.

Once the agency receives your completed forms, or record review packet, they can start processing your request and will send you your full Arizona arrest and police records within fifteen working days since they received it. In cases where an individual has never been arrested, he or she will receive an audit with no arrest or criminal record.